The abuse of the workers compensation system is a costly problem for industry and your business and diverts much needed resource and funding from people with genuine workplace injury. No business should tolerate workers compensation fraud at any level. Any incident where workers compensation fraud is evident should be challenged and WIRE Solutions has successfully worked with businesses to mitigate the effect of workers compensation fraud / abuse and remove business cultures that turn a blind eye or fail to manage a culture of workers compensation fraud / abuse. The end result is significantly reduced workers compensation premiums.

We can assist your business in the return of employees to work and ensure the up to $350,000 plus premium effect of Open Workers Compensation claims are largely mitigated by:

  1. Identification and development of an effective Return to Work Plan.
  2. Communicating directly with your employee’s treating doctor via our network of consultant medical professionals.
  3. Liaising closely with Insurance Company Case managers in a collaborative and inclusive manner.
  4. Ensuring that your employee on workers compensation is aware of your resolved commitment to effect a return to work in accordance with Workers Compensation legislation.




WIRE Solutions - 2005 + (additional clients in Technology & Health sectors)

Tenix–2000- 2005
(Defence Engineering & Manufacture)

TNT–1991 -2000 (Logistics/Transport)

AEWL– 1988 1991


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