Counselling, Warning & Termination of Employment Processes.

Managing the performance of your employees does not have to be difficult. You need to be clear, direct and consultative about performance problems. The management of non performance and the subsequent breaches of employment contracts require not only effective communications but also formal and well defined counselling, warning and termination of employment processes. We can assist you in the delivery of these processes to ensure you act fairly and comply with the necessary legal requirements.

Changes in Conditions of Employment

We are also able to assist in:

  1. The negotiation of change in employment i.e. new role, responsibilities, accountabilities etc.
  2. Changing the employing entity of employees due to a merge, acquisition or restructure.
  3. In the negotiation, interpretation and drafting of employment contracts.

Employee Grievances / Unfair Dismissal Claims

Proactive management of individual grievances will minimize adverse effects on employee productivity, moral and turnover. We can assist to:

  1. Mediate and conciliate grievances;
  2. Investigate harassment, discrimination claims and other grievances, and
  3. Advise and Represent you in Unfair Dismissal or General Protections claims made to Fair Work Commission.

Our independence as an external third party & our professional approach in such confidential investigations ensures a credible solution for all of our clients across NSW.


Workplace Bullying is a serious issue. If Workplace Bullying exists, management must act immediately to stop Workplace Bullying. Workplace Bullying can also be linked to workers compensation control, unfair dismissal and employee grievance issues. WIRES can assist in stopping Workplace Bullying by investigating, reporting on matters and providing advice to ensure problems are resolved.

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